January 20, 2018

How To Hit The Golf Ball Straight: Allow The Club Face To Return To The Ball In A Reflexive Manner

how to hit the golf ball straightWhen learning how to hit the golf ball straight you should have a square alignment and an on line swing path of  the club face established at the completion of the set up routine.

The reason why this is good golf method when learning how to hit the golf ball straight is that if you have established a square alignment and an on line swing path of the club face at final address to the ball and execute a non-manipulative golf swing, the impact position of the club face will replicate its address position and you will hit straight golf shots.

There will be no reason to manipulate the club face during the back swing or during the downswing when you have established a straight ball flight alignment at the completion of your set up routine.

Indeed, when you have maintained a square alignment and an on line swing path of your club face at the completion of your back swing and you do not manipulate the club during your downswing your club face will return to your ball squarely in a reflexive manner at impact and produce a straight ball flight.

There are many articles and golf swing tips about what a golfer should do during his or her downswing.

However, the notion that a golfer must do something to re-route the alignment and path of the club during the downswing in an attempt to square the club face to the ball at impact only goes to demonstrate the club face was not squarely aligned at the beginning of the down swing.

My typical golf swing instructions teach that you can only process a couple of  thoughts during the golf swing.

Therefore,  when one is instructed to process numerous thoughts not only during the back swing but also during the down swing, it can be most confusing.

For example, a recent article suggested the following in terms of “things to do” during the down swing:

“Down swing: Make sure the downswing is full of power. However, this upon the style. Better drivers with flex increase dramatic power. Guarantee the legs are driving forward upon down swinging. This is just what creates momentum in a golf swing.

Contact: Ensure the club face is originating in the outside when visiting the ball. This is what allows better golf swingers to turn their wrist over to hit the ball with exact accuracy. Do not come from outside because this is what makes golf swingers to drag the ball.
Wrist Turn: Turn the trunk hand over upon making contact using the ball. Ensure to show the wrist through impact to prevent hooking or slicing the ball.”  Read more…http://answers.carecrunch.com/?p=221036.

Many other articles provide golf swing instructions about how to execute the downswing.

However, if a golfer has established a square club face that is centered directly behind the ball at final address and executes a simple golf swing, the club face will return reflexively and contact the ball squarely during the downswing.

Thus, in such an stance there would be no need for a golfer to do anything intentional or otherwise  to force the club face to a different path and alignment as it is delivered to the ball at impact.

If you establish a square alignment and an online swing path of the club face at the completion of the pre-shot routine, you will experience precisely how to hit the golf ball straight.

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