January 20, 2018

Tips For Golf Swing: Play the Way You Practice

tips for golf swingOne of the best tips for golf swing was contained in an article I recently read.

This article suggests doing something I routinely do during my practice time before beginning play. It truly is one of the best tips for golf swing.

Playing through your bag as though playing the course will definitely improve your golf game and lower your score..

Here is more of the article that describes this golf method of practice:

“Practicing in its most simple form is just repetition. This is when we are making changes to our swing and trying to build muscle memory into the new motion. Using the same club for many swings in a row to build confidence in the changes is encouraged.

This is the mode most people find themselves in even if they are not making changes or “grooving a rhythm.” This mode does not prepare a player for the golf course as we rarely play the same club on consecutive swings.

I advise students to simulate a round of golf on the practice tee as often as they can. This is called round simulation.

Many players struggle to find the time to get onto the golf course for four (sometimes more than five) hours but can more easily make time for practice. After “warming up” I encourage students to play a round of golf from the practice tee. Using a course they are familiar with or even a scorecard from their bag, choose a club for the tee shot on No. 1.

Then, depending on how well the shot was executed, select the next club based on the previous result. You would continue this procedure throughout the round including pitch or chip shots where you may have “missed the green.”

The normal progression of club selection during a round of golf is what we rarely practice for: long club (driver) to short or middle club (9 iron or 5 iron) to a wedge (pitch or chip onto the green). The key is to work through your bag in manner you would on the golf course.

Accept your poor shots as such and select the next club/shot accordingly. You may notice that you struggle on the practice tee with the same shots/clubs as you do on the golf course. Make notes as you come across club/shot sequences that give you trouble. After the “round” you may want to work on some of the shot sequences to execute them better in your next round whether it is on the course or “simulated.”

There is no easy way of taking the practice tee mentality to the golf course as there is no urgency to each swing, while on the golf course each shot matters (at the very least, not wanting to lose the golf ball regardless of any scoring issues involved). Our best option is to bring the “urgency” of each swing on the golf course to the practice tee. We may not lose any balls practicing, but basing our club and shot selections on the previous result can go a long way toward improving our performance on the actual golf course.”

You can find the complete article by David Enyeart at http://www.lvrj.com/golf/making-the-most-of-practice-what-range-activity-is-best-today-136302113.html?ref=113.

Therefore the next time you go to the range before playing the course, simply simulate playing the course as though you are playing the course.

For example, when you are able to hit straight golf shots on the practice range, simply repeat the same swing to hit straight shots on the golf course.

There is an extra advantage. By doing so, you get to play the course twice, so to speak.

You then should find this suggestion to be one of the best tips for golf swing.improve your golf game

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