January 20, 2018

Tips On Golf Swing: Study Parallel Greens For Better Putting

golf swing instructionsOne of the best tips on golf swing is to study parallel greens when your group is teeing off  nearby.

 The reason why studying parallel greens is one of the best tips on golf swing is that it gives you great feedback as to the slope and structure of an adjacent green.

Most golf courses have what I refer to as parallel greens. This means the tee box for the  existing hole is located parallel to the green for the next hole.

Unfortunately, many players fail to give the returning green- the parallel green- much attention. For those who fail to check out parallel greens, this is a big mistake. for those who do it can improve your golf game

Here is what you should do.

While your foursome is waiting on the group ahead before hitting their tee shots you should be studying the parallel green next door.

You should make a mental note of the location of the pin placement (hole location) as well as the slope and flow of the parallel green, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the course and in the absence of hole location flags.

You also should study the surrounding area of each parallel green to determine how any bunkers or water may come into play as well as other areas to avoid such as deep rough around part of the green. This is just a matter of applying sound golf putting tips.

If you study each parallel green you should be much more prepared and feel much more confident on how to play your approach shot when facing it, whether it be a par 3, par 4 or par 5. This really makes ittoo simple to be golf.

You also should  agree that studying parallel greens has to be one of the best tips on golf swing.

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Tips For Golf Swing: Shoot For The Middle Of The Green

How To Drive Your Golf Ball Straight Every TimeAiming your approach shot to the middle of the green may be one of the best tips for golf swing.

 Ensuring your ball lands in the middle of the green definitely is one of the best tips for golf swing when you are one stroke ahead of your opponent on the last hole of a tournament.

 Unfortunately, this was not the approach taken by Harrison Fraser who had a one stroke lead going into the final hole of the FedEx  St, Jude Classic that was held in Memphis recently.

Instead of hitting a golf ball straight to the middle of the green and then putting his ball into the cup in regulation, he apparently went for the pin which was tucked into the left side of the green near a lake.

Although he hit a very good approach shot to the green his ball drew slightly and rolled off the green into the lake.

Although he salvaged a bogey that got him into a playoff which he eventually won, his first win on the PGA Tour after 13 years, he could have avoided the agony of a playoff by hitting his approach shot to the middle of the green on the 18th hole in the final round of the tournament because his playing partner who was one stroke behind was only able to par it.

To par the hole was all Harrison Fraser had to do to win it outright.

Considering the way he had been putting during the tournament the odds were favorable that he could have made par from any spot on the green and certainly from the middle of the green.

Indeed, hitting straight golf shots to middle of a green makes good sense anytime the pin is placed near a hazard.

It is one way to improve your golf game and play straight golf.

It certainly is one of the best tips for golf swing when you are leading a tournament on the final hole of the match when the pin is near a hazard.

Play safe the next time you are in the same situation in a tournament or match and aim for the middle of the green. Take your two putt and walk away with the trophy.

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Best Golf Online Lessons: Lock-in A Straight Ball Flight alignment

golf swing instructionsThe Straight Shooting Golf book teaches the best golf online lessons available, spare none.

Whether you have just recently taken up golf or have played for many years, you will receive the best golf online lessons available in this new online golf book, Straight Shooting Golf.

Straight Shooting Golf is not some recycled golf swing instruction from a PGA instructor.

Professional instructors typically know how to teach you to grip a club correctly but many fail to emphasize that if you do not lock your right-hand lifeline squarely and firmly onto your left-hand thumb your grip will not remain secure during your golf swing.

They also will teach you about how far to stand from the ball, how the ball should be positioned in your stance, how much to flare your feet, how to assume a correct posture to the ball and so on. However,



 Once they are through teaching you such golf fundamentals, they then will  begin to teach you a golf method of how best  to swing the golf club with as much contradiction from one instructor to another as with teaching the fundamentals.

 With such contradictory coaching there is good reason why the average recreational and week-end golfer can not break a score of 100 on a championship course, assuming he or she counted each and every stroke with no “give me’s.”

 So why is there so much contradictory instruction from professional instructors if they truly are reliable?

The answer is they do not know how golf really works and without knowing how golf really works, they simply pass down information they learned from instructors who likewise did not know how it works.

As s result, you may never learn how to successfully play golf from professional instructors but please do not despair.



  It is provided in the golf online lessons you will find in Straight Shooting Golf.

 Straight Shooting Golf teaches you to lock-in a square alignment and an online swing path of your clubface during your setup routine.

 Then it is just a matter of centering the sweet spot of your clubface as near to the back of your ball as possible, assuming a comfortable posture and stance to your ball and aligning your shoulders with your target line. Then keep your head steady and execute a simple golf swing .and

 I discuss more than 100 techniques to lock-in a square alignment and an online swing path of the club face in DVDs, Special Reports and instructional books at http://lockedingolf.com

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